Beside the Waves of Time – Iona Leigh – Released: 2009

Musical Journalist Toxic Pete, recently described Iona’s second album ‘Beside The Waves Of Time’ as “an intoxicating but restful melding of folk forms; beautifully crafted and sensitively produced to allow Iona Leigh all the space and time she needs to deliver her wonderfully clear and beautifully polished vocals – great work this, possibly a little too traditional for the modern folkster but absolutely spot-on for the lover of roots folk with a modern twist.”


Spirit – Iona Leigh – Released: 2007

Iona’s debut album ‘Spirit’ is a unique, raw collection of some of her first self-penned works. In this album, Iona takes you on a musical voyage of discovery into inner thoughts and feelings, whilst commenting on the world around her. Iona produced this first album, which features the very talented pianist Kevin Webster on a grand piano, and the album was recorded in London’s renowned Resident Music Studios. So, delve into Iona’s early works and be touched by the beauty of her honesty, passion, and raw, vocal presence!


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  1. Besides the waves of time is my favourite album of the last 3 years. I utterly adore it and listen regularly. I have decided that if I were to marry then I would want Peaches in the summertime played at my wedding. So beautiful.

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