Summer Greetings


Dear Friends, Greetings from a very rainy but warm Scotland! The rain is actually very welcome for a change as we have had some wonderful hot (yes hot!) summer days and enjoyed swimming in the sea of the Moray Firth. My eldest son Gavin (turning 7 in the coming days) recently sang his own ‘made-up’ selkie song and summoned 4 seals to shore, he was so pleased with himself he just sat, silently, slightly shocked that it had actually worked. Meanwhile, my younger son Ryan (age 4) enjoyed wild free climbing up the sand dunes of Culbin Sands, using large tress roots as ropes to haul himself to the height of the trees ….. Days grow longer, nights are warmer, all light is gathering strength …. as my summer song “Firelight” on the album Spirit sings … Wishing you all a wonderful summer time. I am in the middle of a work-based Early Years Practitioner course through the University of the Highlands and Islands as I have been working as the Assistant Teacher in our local steiner-inspired Drumduan School Kindergarten for one year. Meanwhile, I continue to sing at community events, the local Army and RAF bases, as well as highland weddings. In fact, my dear friend Vikki weds her Johnny this coming Saturday … we were cheeky teenagers together …. hard to believe we are meant to be all grown up now! Anyway, life continues to be as busy as ever both in mothering and teaching but as always, music continues to inspire and inform all of my passions and practices. With joy, x Iona  …… P.S. A great new country band called The Danberries recently came to our local Universal Hall from Nashville … I highly recommend you check them our on youtube or Spotify … sweet couple and sweet music with a message.



Dear Friends,

Greetings from sunny Findhorn where the summer nights are long and our landscape dances in every wonderful shade of green at this time of year.

My three albums continue to sell well online and have recently been played on radio stations all over the globe from Scotland’s own BBC Alba to the smooth Californian radio waves.

I was recently approached by a fabulous female music publisher in LA, USA who would like to licence my music catalogue for both TV and film soundtracks – so watch this space, or should I say keep your ears peeled!

As well as teaching harp (Clarsach) and singing lessons locally, I am also honoured to now be teaching at the wonderful Drumduan School in Forres (Waldorf/Steiner inspired), where I attended as a pupil myself in the 90’s.

School Website:

Well, sending you all big summer blessings – with a recommendation for you to go to my music page & enjoy  “Peaches in the Summertime”!

Love, Iona



Summer at Findhorn Bay, Scotland