Celebrating Samhain


12188112_10208025240856966_8610731746337948790_oAs we enter the middle point between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, the darker part of the year begins. I love this time of year, reflecting on the lessons learnt during the budding of Spring and the blossoming of summer as the darkness offers an opportunity to go inward, on all levels and begin to explore how we can keep moving forward in our inner and outer lives. As an artist, this time of year is a creative writing time where the light must be strongly held and nurtured, while the darkness offers great contrast to my work. Lately, I’ve been exploring new themes for writing, most recently working on a piece about my relationship with my father, who passed away a few years ago after a life-long struggle with alcohol. I go back and forth from a place of forgiveness and acceptance, into a space of constantly missing and wishing for what could have been! And then, I’m reminded that all is just as it is meant to be right now. However, these feelings of the light and dark come up even more profoundly at Samhain, when we are given Hallow’s eve to think of those we have loved and lost, on all levels. Grieving the death of a relationship brings with it the same feelings of grief, and as I travel through the darkness searching for a new light place, I realise that I can also be comfortable in the ‘in-between’ place, the middle road, the place that is Samhain. Blessings x

Winter Solstice



Celebrating the end of 2014 by walking the winter solstice and gathering in my local community ‘Universal Hall’, is marked by a meditative walk around a candle lit spiral of wild greenery. Giving thanks for all I faced this year, both the joyful and some particularly challenging life tests. Leaving home in early spring was heart wrenching, bidding farewell to my beloved beach, mum, friends and the wild nature here that inspires my music. But as I returned to London, my student home, my other musical home, felt great and challenged me on all levels!  I had the opportunity to try out new musical works, gigs, new band line-ups, and get back in touch with my uni roots. While the performer in me enjoyed the bright lights and work again, the artist within saw the need to return to nature for my writing life. I’ve learnt that I need this balance and I welcome it more fully now. Being in my 30’s, something has shifted around my expectations for my career/life in general and I welcome spontaneity and change! Looking forward, I’m excited about writing and recording a new album later this year in 2015/16 and I’ll also begin an exciting new project collaborating with Prabhu in India, for our joint vision fusion album combining celtic and indian influences. Prabhu and I recently worked on a single for a Buddhist album for our teacher, the Tai Situpa.

Autumn Equinox


Iona Portrait
Entering Autumn Equinox feels restful, after a very busy summer performing several solo concerts and enjoying some local sessions as part of the fantastic Findhorn Bay Arts Festival. I headlined a stunning solo concert at the beautiful Newbold House, and made some wonderful new musical connections in both the folk and folk/rock music scene. Over the next few months, I’m beginning a new collaboration project with a fantastic traditional singer and harmonium instrumentalist in India – so watch this space for a Spring release! Songs for my next solo album are also starting to take shape and I’ve been enjoying performing some of them live recently with German pianist Susanne Olbrich and Greek flautest Nikos Valmas.